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Whether you’re moving across town to be closer to work or family, or to accommodate change in your lifestyle or family size, the prospect of a relocation can be exciting. But it can also be overwhelming. Fortunately, hiring a local moving company to assist you can relieve your stress.


At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we work with experienced local moving companies that have helped many people in Detroit, MI, just like you. We help you move a short distance quickly without the fuss, by connecting you with a licensed, insured crew that will treat your belongings like the precious items they are. We also help you navigate unforeseen complications that may arise. We know finding a trustworthy moving company is both vital and challenging. It’s our goal and mission to rise to the occasion and ensure you have a smooth transition to the next phase in your life. With a free moving quote, we supply you with rates from top movers in Detroit. MI, which enables you to easily compare and save.

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Reasons to Hire a Local Moving Company

Our customers are always our #1 priority. Dave’s Detroit Movers has successfully built a lasting reputation around town, and we’re pretty good at upholding it.


Personalized Service

When you contact our experts, you’ll quickly discover that our moving partners work hard every day to consistently deliver the best customizable moving services in the industry. You’ll work one-on-one with your very own move coordinator, a point of contact who will help you plan and organize your move.


They’re from Here!

You also have the assurance of working with professionals who are completely knowledgeable about the area and familiar with each and every neighborhood in the city. That’s huge when you’re trying to learn everything you can about your new home and surroundings. Even if it’s moving from one side of town to another, getting acclimated to your new home can be tough. We’re here to make it as seamless as possible by providing you with neighborhood information and by knowing exactly where we’re going with your household treasures.


Work with Trained Professionals

Plus, the relocation experts you’ll find through Dave’s Detroit Movers are backed by professional training and experience and have with the moving supplies, equipment, and trucks needed to do the job right and safely.


Covered by Insurance

But rest assured that should the unthinkable ever happen, the movers we work with take responsibility for lost or broken items. That means they reimburse the cost of replacing those items. However, we take pains to make sure neither happens because all movers we vet are licensed and insured. That provides you with an extra peace of mind, knowing they’ll treat your items as if they were their own, so things arrive safe and intact to your new front door.


Several Services from Which to Choose

We also know that your move is unlike anyone else’s, because your needs are specific to your circumstances. That’s why our partners offer a wide range of services, including packing, add-on storage, supplies, etc. to ensure your move goes off smoothly.


Cheap Rates

Don’t forget about affordability. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we know you’ve already got a lot to bankroll with your move, including utility, Internet, and cable connection fees, fresh groceries, and whatever else you might need to make your new house feel homey. So, we try to help you keep the cost of moving services low and the quality high by finding you reliable, yet affordable moving companies.

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Moving Services in Detroit, MI

At Dave’s Detroit Movers, our aim is to make your local move as smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective as possible.


  • Household (House/Apartment) Moves: Whether you’re moving to a house or apartment, we shoulder your every concern about your in-town residential move. Our moving partners pack and unpack boxes, as well as remove the packing materials before leaving your new residence. Plus, anything they pack is insured against damage or loss.
  • Commercial (Office/Retail) Moves: Your in-town commercial move is much easier when we pair you with a qualified moving company that develops and executes a solid plan to help your business transition from one location to another within the greater Detroit, MI, area.
  • Storage: We partner with the best storage facilities in Detroit, MI, to give you a more complete moving and storage experience. No matter your storage needs, we can help you find you secure, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.
  • Pianos: A universally appreciated musical instrument, a piano can also have sentimental value as a treasured heirloom filled with lifelong memories. But it’s also a heavy, cumbersome item that’s not easy to move even a short distance. No matter the size or value of your instrument, the piano moving companies you’ll find on Dave’s Detroit Movers take great care to ensure the safety of your piano when moving it.
  • Appliances: Moving appliances, even across town, is a delicate procedure that requires strategy to ensure their integrity is preserved throughout the entire process. This is why our appliance movers take into consideration the item’s weight, size, and shape, when coordinating your appliance move. Our moving partners can help you transport everything from your mini fridge to your washer dryer set with ease!
  • Pool Tables & Other Bulky Items: Large items, such as pool tables, require finesse to make sure they remain safe and intact throughout the duration of the local moving process. Our moving experts take every precaution necessary and treat your bulky items with extra care.
  • Packing/Unpacking: The expert movers at Dave’s Detroit Movers are dedicated to packing and unpacking your belongings with the utmost attention. The assurance that your things will be treated carefully and respectfully when packed and unpacked enables you to focus on getting settled in your new surroundings with one less thing to worry about.
  • Loading/Unloading: At Dave’s Detroit Movers, our experts carefully place all your items onto the moving vehicle (truck or container) you designate. They make sure items are secured and will not move or get crushed during the moving process. They use that same care when unloading them at your new location.
  • Furniture: The size, weight, and construction of furniture can make it difficult to move for a variety of reasons. But our movers ensure the safety of your furniture pieces during your move by wrapping them in blankets and plastic, then securing them in the moving van so they will be unaffected by the transport and duration of the moving process.
  • Last-Minute/Same-Day Moves: If you find yourself needing movers at the last minute, we’ve got you covered. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we’re dedicated to helping you have a seamless same-day move.

Get started on your relocation with one of the best moving services in Detroit by your side. Contact Dave’s Detroit Movers today for your free moving quote!

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