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Moving Services in Detroit

Local Moves

At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we partner with the top and cheapest Detroit movers to provide you with a quality local moving experience.

Long Distance Moves

Whether you’re moving just a few towns over or to another state, our partner city moving companies are state and federally licensed and insured, so you’ll have the best moving experience possible.


At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we work with moving companies that have secure, climate-controlled storage units that enable you to safeguard your belongings with peace of mind until you’re ready for them.

Packing & Unpacking

At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we supply you with a list of the best Detroit moving companies staffed with professionals who ease your moving burden by doing the packing and unpacking for you.

Residential Moves

When you need help with your relocation to a new home or apartment, we find the most professional, inexpensive Detroit mover to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Commercial Moving

When the next phase of your business involves relocation, we’re here to match you with the top moving company that will handle this type of move at the most affordable price.

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Quality Service at Affordable Rates

At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we’re dedicated to supplying you with a list of moving companies that do top quality work at a great price.

Each company we work with is staffed with licensed experts who provide excellence that’s affordable. It’s all part of our commitment to make your upcoming move a good one.


Customized Moving Services Tailored to Your Needs

We procure a list of professional Detroit movers who offer a variety of moving services.

Then, you choose the one that’s the cheapest and best for you. It’s part of our plan to make sure you have a convenient, stress-free moving experience.


Knowledgeable Moving Experts with Tools of the Trade

Our partner companies come armed with expertise and know-how.

That means they have the training and understanding of what it takes to get your belongings moved completely undamaged. Plus, they bring and use the tools that help them carry out their mission safely and quickly.


Quality Services from Licensed, Insured Movers

Movers that have been vetted for the proper licensing and insurance will provide the best service.

Their staff are career professionals who are trained and experienced. A quality moving company keeps costs down by using the right equipment and preventing damage. Making sure a mover is licensed means that they’re complying with state requirements for moving goods.


Moving Made Easier

You can rest assured that at Dave’s Detroit Movers, we take every precaution to make sure you are completely protected.

We do that by only working with Detroit movers that are the best at providing quality service and are state and federally licensed and insured. After all, our reputation rests on your complete satisfaction.

Our Quick Checklist for Planning Your Upcoming Move

Moving to a new house or apartment is a big deal, and the prospect of packing up all your stuff to take it somewhere else can seem daunting. But with good planning and preparation, you can make your move happen smoothly.


Use this checklist to plan your upcoming move and help you minimize the hassle of relocating your household.


6 to 8 weeks before you move

Decide on your moving method: There are a few different ways to move — you can rent a moving truck and do it yourself or hire professional movers to pack and unload your possessions. Make sure you know the method you’re going to use, and start getting quotes from truck rental or moving companies to compare rates and find the best deal. Dave’s Detroit Movers makes it easy to tackle this step of your move!


Start clearing out clutter: Now is the time to start going through everything in your house and getting rid of the things you don’t need or won’t be moving to the new place. One good way to purge is to place a box or bag in each room of your home to collect anything that’s broken, unwanted, or never used, and then throw away or donate all unneeded items at once.


4 weeks before you move

Begin collecting moving boxes: When you’re moving, you can never have enough boxes. Start early, and either purchase moving boxes or ask local businesses for free boxes — you can often score boxes from restaurants, retail stores, or office supply stores if you ask the employees.


Notify companies about your move: Four weeks prior to moving is a good time to start letting utility companies, cable providers, insurance companies, and any business you deal with regularly that you’re moving, so you can arrange to have your services switched over and your mail sent to the new address.


Book your moving truck: At the four-week mark, it’s time to reserve your moving truck or professional moving services. Contact the company you’ve chosen from your quotes and get yourself on the schedule.


Start packing now: Get a head start on packing by boxing up things you won’t need for the next four weeks, such as winter clothes if you’re moving in the summer, and vice versa. Anything you can pack early will be helpful in the upcoming rush to pack!


2 weeks before you move

Service your vehicles: Make sure the family vehicles are in good shape for the move with a visit to your mechanic or garage before the move, especially if you need to find a new automotive service provider once you’ve moved.


More notifications: Two weeks prior, contact your bank, credit card companies, state DMV, local tax assessors, and the IRS to inform them about your upcoming change of address. You can also file a change of address form at the post office now.


1 week before you move

Pack in earnest: Now is the time to begin packing everything up. Tackle this massive task room by room and be sure to label every box so you’ll know right where things should go in the new place.


Create a moving day box: Set aside a box of supplies you’ll need on hand for moving day, including snacks, first-aid supplies, prescriptions, and any important daily items you’ll need to lay hand to in the confusion immediately.


Clean up: As you’re packing, do a thorough cleaning of each room (especially if you’re expecting to have a security deposit returned!).


Moving Day

By following this checklist, you should be ready to simply load your truck and drive to your new home on moving day. Remember to look through the old place thoroughly once you’ve emptied everything out, to make sure you didn’t forget anything. And then, enjoy your new home!

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What to Know When Packing Your House for Moving

Moving is an exciting, yet somewhat stressful time for most. The thought of packing up all of your worldly possessions and having to reorganize them on the other side can be overwhelming. All of the work and planning that go into making a move successful must be done with care; otherwise you will likely be lamenting over lost and broken items as you set up your new residence.


There are some simple tips that you can follow to make your work more joyful, your moving day less stressful, and setting up a home exciting and fun for all. Here are some things to consider when setting up your family for a successful move:


1. Gather Packing Supplies

Whether your move takes you 10 miles or 500 miles away, you are going to need some packing materials to make sure your belongings make it safely to your new location. Sturdy boxes and containers, tape, bubble wrap, and newspaper will be needed in abundance, so start early, and keep collecting until you have more than you need.


It will be easier to dispose of extra materials than it will be to try to find some more as moving day approaches. Make a list of the things that will be coming with you, and go through each room in your home to determine what can be donated or sold. The less you have to move, the better.


2. Create an Essentials Bag

You will need an essentials bag to keep with you on the last few nights in your old home, and perhaps for your first few nights in your new home. Items such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, clean clothing, and snacks to have on hand will ensure that you aren’t left without creature comforts as you make your transition.


3. Consider Hiring Professionals to Do the Heavy Lifting

If your budget allows, you might want to consider a professional moving company to do some of the more difficult work for you. Professionals can do the job of packing and moving in half the time; consult them for things that they can do and things that you can do to work together. This will help the whole day flow more smoothly.


4. Make A Giant To-Do List

As you plan for your move, make a “to do” list of things to do. Prioritize it according to what needs to be done first–put those things at the top–and feel free to cross items off as you achieve those steps. This will not only allow you to see your accomplishments visually, but it will also make you feel good that you are blasting through your moving chores.


5. Label Those Boxes!

Do yourself a favor – as you pack up your belongings, put like items in boxes together, and label which room you would like them to go in at your new location. This will save you valuable time and prevent a lot of frustration as your assistants, professional movers, and family members attempt to unpack your truck and bring things to their final destination.


Put tags on furniture as well, and make sure that everyone is on the same page with respect to where things should go.


6. Ask for Help

As you plan for your big day, know that it is okay to ask for help. Asking friends and family members for extra support at this time will help reduce stress as you manage all parts of a move. Be sure to repay this favor in kind, if possible, and give back when you have the opportunity to do so.


Following these simple steps will greatly reduce anxiety and stress around your move, and it might even cause a sense of excitement and anticipation about this new step in your life. Look forward to setting up your new home and take each chore step-by-step. Before you know it, moving day will be here – enjoy it, as it’s the beginning of a new chapter!