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For many people, the worst part of moving is simply the packing and unpacking. Packing can seem like a never-ending task. Then, just when you think you’re done, you find more stuff in a long-neglected drawer or closet. Even after everything is delivered to your new home, unpacking can leave you hunting through boxes for things you need and constantly at your wits’ end.


But you can avoid all that frustration by letting one of our partner moving companies do your packing and unpacking for you. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we match you with our partner movers and packers who specialize is taking care of the most daunting part of the moving process by doing the packing and unpacking for you, either as part of your full-service move or as stand-alone services. We match you up with free quotes, so you can survey your options and choose the one that works best with your budget! Get started now using the provided quote form.

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Packing and Unpacking Services

Properly packing and unpacking your belongings is paramount to making sure your move is a smooth and successful one. You want to ensure everything, from fragile items to furniture, makes it safely to your new surroundings. It’s also important to be organized and make sure you have a labeling system for boxes containing your things that includes their contents and where they should go in the new space. Keeping these two factors in mind will make your move go much easier. So, will letting the professionals at our partner companies take care of it for you.


  • Full Packing: As the name of this service indicates, the moving company we find for you does all the packing for you. That leaves you to focus on other details, such as utilities.
  • Partial Packing: You may want to pack most of your belongings, yourself, leaving just a few items for our partner professionals to handle. These experts bring sturdy boxes that are just the right size, as well as all the material needed to keep those few items safe. This service is ideal for a single room or fragile items.
  • Packing and Crating Antiques/Art/Collectibles: Antiques, art, and collectibles require extra care. That’s why the moving company we provide for you is staffed with experts specially trained to treat them as the delicate treasures they are when packing or crating them to move. These pros go the extra mile to safeguard these items and ensure that when they’re ready to transport, they’ll make it to their new destination completely intact.
  • Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly: You may not be skilled at taking furniture apart or putting it back together, and that’s okay. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we have a full listing of qualified moving companies with staff that’s highly qualified to do it for you and make sure every piece stays together throughout the trip. After all, the last thing you need is to be hunting for a bedframe screw, right?
  • Packing for Storage: If you’re planning to move some or all your belongings to a storage facility, we have just the right partner company to pack them up for storage. These pros know just what materials and boxes are needed to keep your things safe in a facility that may or may not be climate-controlled.
  • Unpacking: Getting to your new location feels like quite an accomplishment. Then, you realize you still have a multitude of boxes to unpack, and anxiety sets in. But it doesn’t have to. Instead, we can match you with movers specializing in unpacking your belongings quickly and carefully. They’ll even clear away the materials, leaving you with a house that feels like home.

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Tips for Packing for Your Move

Even if you plan for your move months ahead of time, moving day might arrive faster than you anticipated. That’s why it’s best to do everything you can as early as possible, including packing. Although the idea may make you want to hyperventilate, packing can be a seamless task when you follow these tips.


Use Boxes of Various Sizes

Just getting several large boxes might seem like the best approach, but this strategy is counter-productive. When you just dump your things in them, all kinds of things can go wrong. You can end up making the box too heavy to lift. Plus, all that weight reduces its integrity, causing the box to collapse when you try to lift it. Then, you end up with some of your things broken, and the rest you must pack all over again. Instead, packing your things in boxes appropriate for keeping them snugly safe is best. So is making sure that when filled, they’re light enough to be carried to and from the moving truck.


Remember All the Packing Supplies

To move successfully, you’ll need more than packing boxes. Make sure you also get packing tape to seal your boxes with, packing paper or filler, Sharpie pens, and labels. Getting more than you think you’ll need will keep you from having to go back to the store. It’s just one more way to reduce your stress in this emotional time.


Strategize Your Packing

The heavier the item you pack, the smaller the box it needs to go in. This will help you distribute weight of the boxes more evenly and make them easier to carry after they’re filled. Once you pack your boxes, keep them grouped together according to the room they will go in at your new location.


Remember the Furniture

When you’re packing up, don’t forget to check your furniture. For tables and dressers, take out every drawer and shelf. Then pack or discard the contents. While you have those drawers out, get a flashlight and look in the rear interior of the furniture to check for stray items. In addition to helping you make sure to pack everything, emptying out the furniture will make it easier to carry when loading and unloading.


Put Your Most Important Things in the Car with You

When you’re packing, be sure to pack your jewelry, laptop or tablet, cash or debit card, medications, and a change of clothes in a bag you keep in the car with you during the trip. Keeping these things securely in your care will give you peace of mind and prevent having to stop and root through the truck for something you need.


With a little thought and planning during the packing process, you’ll be surprised how stress-free, and even fun and exciting, your move can be.

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