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Moving is one of the most dreaded things we do in life. The weeks of purging what you plan to part with and packing up what you want to take with you is boring and tiring. Then when it comes to moving day, those friends who are happy to come over for the game are suddenly too busy to help when you need them. Plus, the emotional roller coaster of the entire process is draining, regardless of whether you’re just moving to another part of town or relocating across the country. That’s why hiring professional Ann Arbor movers will make your relocation much easier.


Dave’s Detroit Movers can help make your relocation simple and cheap by finding an Ann Arbor moving company that’s qualified to serve you for the best rates. From our Ann Arbor, MI location, just 44 miles west of Detroit, we work with companies staffed with trained experts who provide the exact moving services you need, from packing your entire apartment to helping you find storage solutions during your relocation.

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Planning Your Move to “Tree Town”

With a population of just over 110,000, Michigan’s sixth largest city is just a quick 45-minute drive from Detroit. It gets its nickname of “Tree Town” thanks to the city’s many trees – it’s said the area boasts over 100,000 trees of various species, including ash and oak. Ann Arbor might be best known as home of the University of Michigan, a state school with a student population of over 46,000. The U of M’s size in proportion to the town’s population, means Ann Arbor is dominated by a decidedly collegiate feel. However, this progressive city is also a great place for raising a family. In fact, Forbes ranked Ann Arbor as one of the most livable cities in the country.


While many of Ann Arbor’s residents work for the University (some 30,000 when you include the medical center!), there are also several major employers in the tech and health services industries, including Trinity Health and Thompson Reuters. When townies aren’t at work or cheering on the Wolverines, you can find them enjoying the town’s many attractions and amenities. Stroll through the impressive Matthaei Botanical Gardens, go for a walk in one of the city’s 157 parks, or pause to reflect on the works housed in the University of Michigan Museum of Art. A hub for restaurants and shops, Main Street also hosts fun festivals like the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair and Taste of Ann Arbor.


While Ann Arbor is a wonderful place to live, getting moved might feel like an uphill battle. Whether you’re moving to another area of town or arriving from another part of the state, it helps to hire a local Ann Arbor moving company. Ensuring the help you get is reliable, trustworthy, and affordable is vital to your peace of mind. Finding quality movers in this beautiful city is easy, thanks to Dave’s Detroit Movers. From our Ann Arbor location, we match you with the best and cheapest Ann Arbor movers to take care of part or all of your moving process. We assess your needs and find experts ready to do your heavy lifting.

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Affordable Moving Services in Ann Arbor

Trust the movers in the Dave’s Detroit Movers to help with all your moving needs:


Residential Movers

Making a residential move requires the expertise of professionals who can take the burden of safely transporting your household belongings to your new home off your shoulders. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we get you the Ann Arbor movers that will do just that for the most affordable cost, no matter if your residential move is down the street or cross-country.


Local Movers

Moving within Ann Arbor city limits doesn’t sound too complicated, does it? After all, it’s a smallish sized city. On the contrary, a move of any kind can be overwhelming. The good news is, we match you with a top Ann Arbor moving company that does everything possible to make your move stress–free.


Long Distance Movers

Relocating your home or business long distance entails juggling a lot of moving parts. At Dave’s Detroit Mover’s, we find the best city moving company to take any or part of those tasks on so none of those proverbial balls hit the ground during your transition.


Apartment Movers

Moving to an apartment is a lot more involved than you might think. The nature of an apartment building, alone, (think tight parking, narrow hallways, close neighbors) can create a maze of challenges that could spell disaster. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we pair you with the best moving service to navigate any obstacle, so your Ann Arbor apartment move is completely a complete success.


Household Movers

When moving your household belongings, you need experts for the job. Having the help of top movers is key to a smooth move. We can match you with the best and cheapest Ann Arbor moving company that has a staff of experts ready to make sure everything gets transported safely to your new home.


Furniture Movers

Moving furniture involves having the right tools and skills to safely disassemble, reassemble, lift, and haul every piece. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we find Ann Arbor furniture movers specializing in doing just that for the lowest cost.


Piano Movers

Your piano is your own musical treasure that blends a sturdy (and heavy) body with a delicate interior. The Ann Arbor piano moving companies we work with are staffed with professionals who know what this type of move takes. And they do it for cheap rates.


Appliance Movers

Modern appliances are equipped with electronics that make your life easier, which is all the more reason to take them with you when you move. The professional Ann Arbor moving servies we work with are trained to keep your appliances safe and secure throughout the entire transport process.


Interstate Movers

Regardless of whether you’re moving your office or home to another state, federal regulations for interstate moves are much more stringent than local moves. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we pair you with the best city moving services that are cost effective, bonded, and schooled in federal regulations with your safe move in mind.


Senior Movers

Moving can be an anxious, and even frightening, time for seniors. We find with professional city moving companies with low prices and staff who are compassionate, patient, and caring so your senior’s transition can be as seamless as possible.


Intrastate Movers

You may be moving a considerable distance even within Michigan. In that case, the professional Ann Arbor moving companies we work with are the best as making your intrastate move a smooth, stress-free experience, with experts dedicated to safeguarding everything they touch.


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