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Best Neighborhoods in Detroit MI for Raising a Family

Detroit is a city with a lot of variety. Before moving to Motor City, you have to carefully consider the factors in choosing the perfect neighborhood for your family. Some would say that you should live in an area close to your job, while others might suggest settling near schools or amenities. All this thinking and filtering can be stressful, so this guide has distilled everything for you! So what are you waiting for? Check out these top Motor City neighborhoods and learn more about why they deserve your attention.


Median Home Price: $275,763

Average Rent: $2,010 / month (double-bedroom)

Near the heart of Motor City, Corktown is an up-and-coming area with action-filled venues, trendy culture, and vibrant nightlife – all thanks to it being only a mile west of Downtown. The neighborhood is bordered by John C Lodge Freeway in the east, Rosa Parks Blvd in the west, Interstate – 75 in the north, and Labrosse St. to the south.

What Corktown lacks in towering infrastructures, it makes up for with its orderly rows of establishments and residential buildings. Its 15,000 residents enjoy various housing options, from grand-looking condos to modest apartments to lovely single-family homes. Getting a place shouldn’t be super expensive, considering the area is still new.

Living here, your children will attend the Detroit Public Schools SD. Nearby private schools include Most Holy Trinity School and Venture School. Burton International Academy is also a solid choice, although it’s a bit farther up north.

Now for the fun part. One of the reasons surrounding the Corktown hype is its family-friendly atmosphere. No surprise, though, since you’ll find restaurants in almost every corner. Dine with the fam at Lady of the House, Bucharest Grill, or The Brooklyn Street Local. Catch a game at Corner Ballpark or browse the chain of shops queued down the famous Michigan Avenue.

Living in Corktown is a dream. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


Median Home Price: $348,960

Average Rent: $2,165 / month (double-bedroom)

Sitting right in the center of the city, Midtown bubbles with energy, art, and culture. Just a mile and a half north, going in-and-out of Downtown is an easy 7-minute ride (assuming little traffic, of course!). This neighborhood is quite big. It starts from Interstate – 94 north going all the way south to Interstate – 75. Woodward Avenue indicates the western border while Walter P Chrysler Freeway seals the east.

If there are many things to do in Corktown, then the amount of fun Midtown offers would be infinite in comparison. Discover the history of automobiles at Motown Historical Museum, appreciate the beautiful plant displays at The Flower House, enjoy the views at Riverwalk, bond with your family at Outdoor Adventure Center, or dine in one of the affordable restaurants around the place.

As for the more serious stuff, Midtown certainly doesn’t disappoint. For starters, it houses the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), an alliance of hospitals that encompasses 3,000 beds and 3,000 physicians in total. The best educational institutions include Detroit Montessori School, Detroit School of Arts High School, and University Preparatory Academy: UPA Middle School.

Curious about housing? One thing is for sure: there are plenty of apartments and condos from which to choose. Purchasing a home? Good news! There are tons of gorgeous houses in the listings, although they’re somewhat more expensive than the norm in Detroit.


Midtown has lots to offer!

East English Village

Median Home Price: $153,000

Average Rent: $1,570 / month (double-bedroom)

If you want a more suburban area with amazing neighbors, East English Village doesn’t disappoint with its clean-cut design and affordability. Located 8 miles northeast of the city center, the neighborhood is bounded by Interstate – 94 in the north and Mack Avenue to the south. Outer Dr. E and Cadieux Road lock the western and eastern boundaries, respectively.

Talking about the overall feel of the area, East English Village brims with history as evidenced by all the Queen Anne townhouses and brick homes dotting the place. The beautiful 1800s architecture is one of the primary forces that draw people, including its 7,100 residents, to the neighborhood.

However, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. There’s more to the village than what meets the eye, starting with the long line of restaurants in Harper Avenue. Opposite this stretch is rows of beauty and apparel shops, giving life and energy to the place.

Children have access to great schools, such as the East English Preparatory Academy and Ronald Brown Academy.

Take a look at East English Village. Photo courtesy of Curbed Detroit.

Palmer Park

Median Home Price: $299,900

Average Rent: $1,660 / month (double-bedroom)

Does your family enjoy taking outdoor trips and picnics? Even if not, you can’t go wrong with settling down in Palmer Park (not literally in the park, by the way!). Although this neighborhood’s perimeters haven’t been clearly distinguished, people like to think of it as the residential areas around the famous park. That said, you can assume that it starts north at Seven Mile Road then runs diagonally right until McNichols Road in the south. The meandering Ponchartrain Boulevard borders the west while Woodward Avenue confirms the eastern boundary. Like East English Village, it’s also 8 miles away from but directly north of Downtown.

Filled with lots of green space, Palmer Park perfectly unravels the beauty of Detroit. You can enjoy miles of trails, a tennis court, and a vast golf course within the park itself. Take your kids on memorable fishing trips to Lake Frances or simply have a picnic while admiring the crystal-clear waters. On the other hand, basic necessities are within your reach thanks to shopping centers surrounding Woodward Avenue. Lastly, notable schools around the vicinity include the Palmer Preparatory Academy and Greenfield Union Middle School.

And if you’re wondering what kind of houses you will be living in? Forget about the blocked design of modern homes. Majority of the 2,250 residents proudly rock the traditional townhouse design, which definitely adds to the elegance of the place. They’re super affordable too!

Give Palmer Park a go. Photo courtesy of pinehurst19475 on Flickr.


Median Home Price: $147,620

Average Rent: $1,445 / month (double-bedroom)

When it comes to affordability, you can say this list saved the best for last. Bagley’s one of the cheapest areas in Motown, yet it doesn’t compromise on the quality of life offered. Situated 10 miles northeast of downtown, it’s the farthest from the city center on this list. This neighborhood has well-defined borders – Outer Dr in the north, Livernois Road in the east, McNichols Road in the south, and Wyoming Avenue in the east.

The greatest thing about this neighborhood is that it has three schools serving it. Both Bagley Elementary School and Wright Canada rank among the best in the city. Mary Grove College offers several courses in undergrad and tertiary education. As for housing, you’ll find plenty of refurbished homes in the listings. There are also several decent flats and condos if buying a house isn’t a priority.

Since Central Bagley is mostly comprised of residential buildings, most of the amenities are on the outskirts. Discover store after store in the western quadrant or dine to your heart’s content along the northern edge of restaurant chains. Spend the weekend with your family at Gemeiner Park, which offers lengthy biking trails and a playground for kids. You’ll also find another series of fantastic eateries, including local favorites, Play Café and Chef Greg’s near the southwestern section.

And don’t forget Bagley! Photo courtesy of BiggerPockets.

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