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Your piano sets the tone of your home. It’s a vision of class and an instrument of expression.


Unfortunately, moving a piano is a downright pain. Moving an upright or grand piano is an involved process. You’ll need the proper tools, talent, and manpower to get the job done. You might consider hiring piano movers instead of taking the task on yourself. Our licensed piano experts will bring the correct tools to move your investment safely to its new home.


When it comes to hiring the best piano moving company, Detroit residents rely on Dave’s Detroit Movers to find the right fit. Not only do our piano moving companies protect your piano, but they also preserve your sanity.

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Detroit Piano Movers Cost

The average cost of Detroit piano movers is between $300 and $600. Several factors influence the final cost of hiring professional movers to transport your instrument, including:


  • Type of Piano: Uprights, spinets, and grand pianos all vary in terms of weight and shape. Each unique instrument requires specialized equipment and wrapping materials, different moving techniques, and more.
  • Age of the Piano: The age and model of your piano will impact your moving costs. Older pianos can be delicate and necessitate extra care. When contacting piano movers, be sure to inform them of details about the piano’s age to ensure proper crating and care procedures.
  • Stairs: Some piano moving companies charge by step (between $5-$10 per step) or by the flight of stairs (around $50-$100 per flight). Be sure to consider this extra charge when finalizing moving details with your mover.
  • Required Services: Each piece of equipment, from a dolly to a crane, will alter your final cost. Grands more likely require dismantling than uprights, and insurance needs will differ, too. Also, consider the cost of other services like storing your piano.
  • The Distance of Move: If you’re making a local move, you can expect a charge of about $1.50-$2.50 per mile. Long-distance moves can get more expensive, up to $10 per mile. Our job at Dave’s Detroit Movers is to find you the most effective and affordable piano moving company for your needs.

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Piano Moving Services in Detroit

Don’t scoot your piano an inch without a plan. A small slip can cost thousands in repairs and diminish your instrument’s value significantly. Moving your beautiful piano may require more steps than you think – disassembly, stairs, transport, storage, etc. You’ll need lots of hands to get the job done well.


Consider eliminating the stress and risk of moving your piano by hiring experienced and professional Detroit piano movers.


Piano Disassembly

Every piano comes apart differently. Our piano moving professionals know the ins and outs of various models and types of pianos, including yours! In addition to bringing the knowledge, the movers in our network will bring critical tools like non-abrasive gloves and screwdrivers.


Special Piano Moving Equipment

The right equipment is the key to keeping your instrument scratch-free. To transport a piano, you will likely need a moving dolly, furniture straps, and furniture blankets at the very least. Of course, you will also need a way to transport your large instrument.


The piano moving companies we work with will cover all of these necessities and more. They bring the equipment and the truck so you can focus on other priorities.


Piano Storage

Piano experts will advise you not to store your piano in a regular storage garage or basement. Cement floors and walls retain moisture, which will cause damage to your instrument over time. Dedicated piano storage units utilize climate control and heavy-duty protection methods. Ask about adding this service when you hire piano moving professionals.


Local Piano Moving

We can help you find top-rated Detroit piano movers and provide free no-obligation quotes. Our piano moving companies want to make your local piano move stress-free with their arsenal of experience.


Long Distance Piano Moving

Moving a piano is already an enormous challenge, but when done in conjunction with a cross-country move, it can be overwhelming. If you love your piano and intend to move it with you, simplify your long-distance relocation by hiring a piano moving company. Detroit is home to experts who move pianos to and from the city with ease.


Piano Reassembly

It is usually preferable to disassemble and reassemble bulky instruments so they fit through doorways and up and down the stairs. Once your instrument arrives in its new home, it’s time to rebuild. This task is time-consuming and takes expert know-how to do correctly. Be sure to leave this step in the hands of the professionals. Our experts will disassemble, transport, and reassemble your precious piano.


To get in touch with budget-aware piano moving companies, contact Dave’s Detroit Movers today.

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