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No matter if your business is downsizing or growing, moving across town or to another state, making a transition to a new location is very involved. Not only does it require moving office furniture, but the details of transferring phone, Internet, and other utility equipment and services are key to keeping the business operational. So are the specifics of helping employees transfer and be able to function in their new space.


At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we find just the right moving company for your office relocation. The experts we partner with are highly qualified to move all your company assets, keeping them protected from any type of loss or damage while in their care. Plus, you can get a free moving quote from multiple companies in one place! Contact us now to get started with your move.

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Commercial Relocation Services

Dave’s Detroit Movers helps you find the moving services your company needs for a successful transition:


  • Local Moves: The partner company we procure to handle your in-town office move is staffed with experts prepared to take care of the entire process. While you and your staff take care of your company logistics, these moving companies can pack, load, unload, and unpack the resources you need to keep things running in the greater Detroit, MI, area.
  • Long-Distance Moves: At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we find the best moving company to make your office’s move out of state a seamless, stress-free experience. These experts start by visiting your business for an in-office estimate quote. On moving day, they provide a moving van just the right size to accommodate your assets and pack them, as needed, before using new equipment to load them onto a clean truck that can handle long distances to ensure their safety throughout the trip. They use that same amount of care when unloading and unpacking efficiently so you can get up and running as soon as possible.
  • Storage: No matter how great or small the distance you move your office, or the size of your company, figuring out just where everything should go in your new surroundings can take time. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we’re here to help you find the storage facility to suit your office’s needs while you get situated. Our partner companies have secure, climate-controlled storage facilities that keep anything in your office, from furniture to files, safe until you’re ready to collect them.
  • Specialty Moves: Moving sensitive items, such as medical equipment, requires movers with specialized strategy and skill. Any wrong move can reduce the monetary value of expensive technology. Damage and loss can also threaten the health or life of those depending on it. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we understand the importance of matching you with a moving company trained and qualified to transfer such equipment from one location to another seamlessly. You can rest assured that our moving partners will get the job done.
  • Corporate Relocations: Relocating your company from one part the country to another is even more involved than a typical office move. Helping employees transfer their supplies and equipment, as well as to get situated in their new surroundings, has quite a few moving parts, so to speak. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we’re here to help you find the moving company that can take care of every aspect of this type of undertaking, so you can get back to business.

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Tips for a Successful Office Move

Your company may have one any number of reasons for relocating its office. Sometimes, you simply outgrow your space. Other times, changes in circumstances make it necessary to find space that’s less expensive to maintain. No matter your reason for moving, here are some helpful tips for making your move a success:


Embrace the Opportunity

Regardless of what brings an office move about, it can be an opportunity for a fresh start. Maintaining that perspective is just one of several ways to make the transition a success. After all, this is the ideal time to evaluate what works in your current space and what improvements would enable your staff to be happy and productive. Think about whether the furniture enable employees to work effectively and comfortably, as well as how well your technology is serving your purposes.


Once you make that evaluation, go a step further and think about your company’s future growth possibilities in the next one, five, and 10 years. Making these assessments will help you figure out what company assets at your office’s current location should be moved to the new one and what should be discarded, sold, or donated. It will also help you begin developing a strategy for updating your new office with a better workspace floor-plan, modern furniture that’s ergonomically friendly, and technology that helps your business thrive and adjust with changing industry practices. You may not want to make drastic changes all at once, even with a move. But at least you’ll be in the mindset to do everything possible to help your company compete to the best of its ability.


Make Decisions About Your New Space

A move is the just the right time to make improvements to your company. You can do that just by evaluating what’s most important to your organization and deciding what kind of space you’d like to create in your new surroundings. These two factors will influence both your timetable and budget.


Contact a Reputable Commercial Property Agent and Designer

A qualified commercial property agent will help you navigate the market to find just the right space for your office’s new location. They’ll be a specialist with their finger on the pulse of the community and the market’s environment, while listening to you and answering all your questions.


The designer will work with you to make sure the space adheres to your vision for the company’s brand and other requirements.


You can find both with online searches and through recommendations.


Inspect Potential Spaces

When you look at possibilities for your business’ new office space, you need to make sure it’s right. That includes making sure it allows for short commute time for the typical employee, has adequate parking for both staff and visitors, is close to public transportation, provides for enough IT and mobile coverage, has wheelchair accessibility, has local amenities, and offers rent within your projected budget.


Assemble a Project Team

The next thing to do is tap employees whose different talents would complement each other to make the transition successful, from start to finish. This group can be made up of at least one person from every discipline of your organization: human resources, IT, marketing, administration, etc. From among them, select one to be the project leader so they can guide the mission through its completion.


Moving a business is a huge undertaking, but you don’t have to do it all on your own! In addition to relying on your own team, you can count on ours. Dave’s Detroit Movers is here to help you find a reputable office moving company at a price that’s within your budget. For a free quote, contact us now!

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