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How to Set Up Utility Services in Detroit, Michigan

The last thing anyone wants to have to do after a long move is spend hours talking with a utility company representative on the phone. Luckily, you can avoid most of the headaches with just a pinch of planning. Technology has made it easier than ever to get your utilities set up at your new owned or rental property, and most Detroit utility companies can get you ready to go before you ever move in.  

Here’s what Detroit moving services say you need to know about setting up your utilities.  

The Average Cost of Utilities in Detroit 

On average, you can expect to pay about $100 in utilities costs in Detroit. Getting your utilities set up is easy, but you can also expect them to be less of a burden than they are elsewhere in the United States. While some cost of living indices put utilities slightly above average American costs, they typically clock in a bit lower than bigger cities like New York and San Francisco.  


Landlords in Detroit can’t transfer water over to a tenant’s name, so the chances are that you’ll need to visit a customer care center for the Detroit Water and Sewage Department. New service must be established in person, and all new residents are required to pay a $150 deposit. You’ll also need to bring proof of ID as well as proof of ownership or a valid lease for your residence.  


Natural gas isn’t handled by the city and instead falls under the purview of about half a dozen national and local gas companies. While that may seem like a lot, gas bills typically constitute half of the power bill in Detroit, so you’ll want to compare your options if you want to save. The biggest provider is DTE Energy, and you may be able to save yourself some hassle by bundling your utility services through them.  


In addition to being the largest natural gas provider in the Detroit area, DTE Energy is also the biggest name around when it comes to electrical services. But that doesn’t mean they’re the only game in town. Over a dozen electrical providers operate in Michigan as part of the state’s Electric Customer Choice program, and many operate in or around Detroit. If you decide to go through DTE, you can establish service, pay your bills, and report any outages directly through their online portal 

Internet and Cable 

About a half dozen providers offer TV or internet in Detroit, but if you’re looking to get both on a single plan, you’re limited to the four biggest providers. Whether you want to go with AT&T, DirecTV, Spectrum, or Comcast will depend on your particular preferences. Fortunately, you can see a comprehensive comparison of what the big companies offer in terms of pricing and options.  


You shouldn’t have to do anything to get garbage collection set up at your home, but the Detroit Department of Public Works can provide you with all the information you need about garbage, recycling, and yard pick-up schedules. 

Their interactive map allows you to zoom in and get the details of garbage services at your specific address.

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