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Moving a long distance away from Detroit, MI, can feel like an insurmountable task. Whether you’re relocating to another part of the state or across the country, it involves much more planning and forethought than an in-town move. The same is true if you’re relocating long distance to Detroit from elsewhere.


Whether you’re moving into the Detroit, MI, area or away from it, Dave’s Detroit Movers can help you with your search for reputable movers. That’s because we work with moving companies that are federally licensed through the U.S. Department of Transportation and insured for interstate transport to bring you free moving estimates. Using our service simplifies your moving process and gives you better peace of mind so you can focus on other things, like preparing to start your new job and registering your kids for their new school. Request your free quotes now using our fast, simple form!

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Interstate & Cross-Country Moving Services

At Dave’s Detroit Movers, the state-to-state moving services our partners offer include:


Apartment & Home Moving

Interstate movers anticipate and address every concern you may have about your long-distance residential-move. Whether you’re moving to a house or apartment, we help you find the right company to help you get from one place to the next. Our professional moving partners can take handle as much or as little of the process as you need.


Office Relocations

We simplify your commercial move out of state with a logistical solution designed just for your business that includes facilitating the transfer of your employees while providing temporary storage for your organization’s belongings.


Furniture Transport

From fragile mid-century tv stands to massive king-size beds, furniture is challenging to move across the country. However, the movers you’ll find here make easy work of it. They’ll disassemble pieces as needed, painstakingly wrap each part, and ensure it’s snuggly secured on the truck for the long road ahead. Moving your furniture long distance is one part of your relocation you won’t have to lose sleep over.


Piano Moves

Your piano is one of the most significant financial investments in furniture you’ll ever make. But its delicate innerworkings, as well as its bulk, make moving your precious instrument a challenge. Fortunately, the professionals we partner with specialize in keeping your piano safe throughout every step of your interstate move.



Find one of the top moving & storage companies in Detroit for a nearly seamless moving and storage experience. No matter your storage needs, our partner companies provide you with safe, convenient, and affordable solutions to make finding storage during your long-distance relocation a snap. Let them move everything into their storage facilities and save yourself multiple moves!


Full-Service Moves

Many people embarking on a long-distance move have far too many things on their plate to manage the move from end-to-end. Instead of worrying about how you’ll ever have the time (or energy) to pack up all your possessions and safely transport them to a new location out-of-state, leave it to the professionals. Full service moving companies will do all the wrapping, packing, boxing, labeling, transporting, and even unpacking for you! All you have to do is worry about getting yourself there!

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7 Tips for a Long-Distance Move

An interstate relocation might feel quite daunting and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You can get through the transition without many battle scars by following these tips:


1. Plan Way Ahead of Time

Moving long distance is a huge event in your life. To ensure it’s a smooth process, you need to plan. This starts with contacting long distance moving companies as soon as possible. To make sure the company you want is available when you need them, three months in advance of your move is ideal. That’s especially true in the summertime, when movers are at their busiest. This early planning also helps you prevent forgetting anything you need to do before the move.


2. Make a To-Do List

Part of planning ahead should involve listing all the things that need to get done for the move to be successful, and the order you need to do them. Following that list will make things much easier as you prepare for this major transition.


3. Do Your Research

When you contact moving companies, don’t just pick the first one you come across to get it out of the way. Not all movers are the same, and you need to make sure to find the right fit for your needs. That includes making sure the one you choose is licensed and bonded. You also need to ensure that your belongings are insured against loss and damage while in their care. Also, be sure to get full disclosure of the costs involved in your move. Dave’s Detroit Movers is a great place to start your search for movers. We’ll pair you with licensed and insured moving companies in Detroit that offer long distance moving service to and from The Motor City.


4. Get an In-Home Estimate & a Quote in Writing

When a moving company provides you with an in-home estimate, they send a representative to your home to survey everything you’re moving. This enables them to be accurate when quoting a price for your move. If a company instead insists on providing an estimate over-the-phone, move on down the list of movers. In the moving industry, over-the-phone estimates for interstate moves are frowned upon. It’s one of the top methods movers scam unsuspecting customers (think bait-and-switch). It’s your legal right to request an in-home estimate and get the quote in writing!


5. Reduce Your Clutter

The cost of moving your belongings out of state is based on their total weight. That means the more you take with you, the more expensive your move becomes. That’s why this is a good opportunity to clean out your closets and drawers, separating everything into a pile of things to keep, donate, and sell.


6. Put Labels on Your Boxes

When doing your own packing, make sure to label each box. You can write both its contents and where it will go in your new home on the outside of the box. This will help movers when both loading and unloading, making your move more organized and speedier.


7. Think About Furniture Placement in Your New Home

Your planning should include considering where your furniture should go once you move. Think about how or whether it will fit in the new space. This includes knowing the dimensions of the new place, as well as disassembling the furniture for the trip if needed. If your new space is smaller than the one that you’re leaving, consider storing, selling, or donating furniture that would be too bulky.


Moving out of state doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, it’s our goal to help you start your next chapter on a stress-free note by shouldering the responsibility of your move for you. Call us now to get started with free moving estimates from Detroit’s best long distance moving companies.

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