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There is nothing whatsoever easy about moving. Packing seems endless, and your friends are nowhere to be found when it comes to loading and unloading the truck. And that’s just in addition to the emotional toll it takes, whether you’re relocating across town or out-of-state. That’s why it’s a great idea to hire professional Detroit movers to take most of the burden of moving off your shoulders.


Dave’s Detroit Movers can help make your relocation easy and inexpensive by matching you with Detroit moving companies ready to serve you for the best rates. With our flagship office located in Detroit, MI, we partner with companies staffed with trained experts who provide the exact moving services you need, whether it’s packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, local or long-distance moving.

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Moving to the Motor City

Coined “The Motor City,” Detroit is the birthplace of the auto industry and Motown Records. It’s also the home of the Henry Ford Museum and a thriving downtown which boasts Neoclassic architecture that’s a feast for the eyes and imagination. Michigan’s largest city has a population of 673,104. While many residents enjoy the fast pace of living the urban life, several make their homes in one of Detroit’s sprawling suburbs. No matter where you choose to live in the city, the entertainment and food scenes are thriving.


Before you make a move to, from, or within the city of Detroit, MI, you need to do your research. Making sure you have reliable help when you need it is vital. Finding movers in this wonderful city is a cinch with the help of Dave’s Detroit Movers. From our main location in Detroit, we procure the top and cheapest partner moving companies to assist with a part of or your entire moving process. We find out just what your needs are, whether they’re packing up and heading across town or relocating to another part of the country and match you with specially-trained experts who are qualified, licensed, and more than ready to get the job done right.

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Moving Services in Detroit, MI

We pair you with the top movers in Detroit. Find all the moving services you need, for less!


Residential Movers

When moving to your new home, you need professional experts with experience to provide you with an experience that’s completely hassle-free. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we find the Detroit movers that will do just that for the best price, whether your residential move is local or long distance.


Local Movers

Just moving from one part of Detroit to another can be quite complicated, regardless of whether it’s to a new home or an office relocation. But we find the best moving company to do all the heavy lifting – packing and storage, too.


Long Distance Movers

Relocating your home or business a long distance from town is quite an involved process. Fortunately, at Dave’s Detroit Mover’s, we’re ready to supply you with a top-quality moving company that’s staffed with professionals ready to go the extra mile to make your move as seamless as possible.


Apartment Movers

Moving to an apartment is a lot more complicated than it appears, with narrow hallways and corners that are hard to navigate. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we pair you with the perfect moving company to meet the challenge head on, so your apartment move is completely stress-free.


Household Movers

Whether you’re moving to declutter or make a major life change, finding quality professionals for the job is key to ensuring everything goes smoothly. Let us find the best moving company, with experts experienced in ensuring every item gets transported safely – and do it cheap.


Furniture Movers

Moving furniture involves taking cumbersome pieces apart, emptying drawers, and making sure everything is padded with furniture blankets. The process also entails having the proper tools to make lifting heavy items possible. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we partner with moving companies specializing in getting furniture from one place to another an affordable cost, so you have one less thing to worry about during your move.


Piano Movers

While the body of a piano is substantial and heavy, its inner workings are quite delicate, which makes the process of moving this large instrument challenging. But the piano moving companies we partner with are staffed with experts who specialize in this type of move. They’ll do their best to ensure that your piano makes the transition from one location to the next without a scratch or ding.


Appliance Movers

Today’s appliances are a worthwhile investment that make your life easier, which is why it makes sense to take them with you when you move. The moving companies we work with specialize is safely moving those heavy pieces of equipment without damaging them or any part of your home in the process.


Interstate Movers

Both residential and corporate interstate moves have stricter regulations than a local relocation. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we partner with Detroit moving services that are affordable, bonded, trained, and dedicated to following federal regulations so you and your belongings are well-protected through every step of the moving process.


Senior Movers

For seniors, moving can be especially stressful. We work with Detroit moving companies with low prices that are staffed with patient, compassionate, and caring experts who help make this process easier.


Intrastate Movers

If your move isn’t local but also doesn’t cross the Michigan state line, hiring professionals specializing in intrastate moves is your best bet. At Dave’s Detroit Movers, we’ve got a list of the best movers to choose from with affordable pricing to make your in-state move a success.


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