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How to Make Your Household Move Go Smoothly

Moving, whether it’s across town or across the country, is stressful. You can’t plan and prepare for all the possible glitches and bumps in the road on your move. You do, however, need to be prepared for a variety of situations whether a moving company is moving your household goods or if you’re doing it yourself.

1. Create a first night essentials box

Once you are sure of your final destination and location, you should create a “Moving Essentials Box.” This will contain all the important documents that you will need as you travel and get settled into your destination. These should include prescriptions for important medication, a first aid kit, car titles and insurance papers, any rental agreement for a truck or other moving-related expenses and any reservation information about overnight accommodations along the way.

Charging cords that will allow you to recharge your cell phone and laptop computer are also important.

2. Leave important documents to trusted friends

Leave a copy of this with someone at your departure point, along with your proposed route and itinerary, including your license plate number and car or truck information. This is important should you have a delay or mishap along the way.

Staying at a motel? Keep a copy of your reservation along with your ID card for AAA coverage or any other auto club membership.

3. Pack a box of supplies for driving

Pack a “Drive Box.” This should include some snacks for the road, bottles of drinking water and a first aid kit. A second box should contain bathroom necessities (toilet paper, bath supplies and clean towels) along with a small tool kit containing a hammer, screwdrivers, duct tape, a utility knife, a flashlight with fresh batteries and a light bulb or two.

You never know when you’re going to need these basic tools. Include a blanket or two in case you are delayed and find yourself having to nap in your car or truck.

4. Set realistic goals when driving

Set a realistic goal of how far you will be driving in a day. A drive of 400-600 miles is doable. You will most likely arrive at the rental office of your apartment, condo or house after business hours. Remember you will be stopping along the way.

Don’t push distance and endurance. Even if you do arrive late in the day, you’re going to need to get a good night’s sleep to prepare for unloading and moving in the next day. Make sure you have a change of clothes accessible.

5. Bring extra money

Finally, bring some extra cash with you. Call the issuer of any debit or credit card you have and let them know you are going to be traveling outside of your usual area and charges in the new area are valid. There’s nothing worse than not having made the call, having minimal cash on you and an empty gas tank in an “out of state” location.

Keep your expectations realistic, stop and stretch on a regular basis and enjoy the drive. It isn’t necessary to be prepared for any and every possible problem. However, if you’re prepared for these garden variety glitches, you’ll find your move goes smoothly and quickly.

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