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What to Know When Packing for Your Upcoming Move

Moving is a very stressful time in anyone’s life. There are so many things to do, so many arrangements to make, and so many people expecting different things from you. While there are going to be things you cannot necessarily control, there are some things that you can control.

Getting organized is one of those things. If you make a list and check things off as you go along, you can reduce the stress of not being able to get it all done on time. Here is a list of six things Detroit movers think you should know when packing for your upcoming move.

1. Purge

You probably have not gone through those boxes in the basement or attic for a long time. You might not even know what is in them. Do not wait until the last minute to figure out if you should take them to your new home. Start going through your boxes and closets to get rid of things you no longer need or want. You can give away things to friends and family, or you can create a donate pile.

Some donation companies will come right to your house to pick up things you want to donate. They will do all the heavy lifting; you might have to schedule a time for them to come.

2. Box Up What You Can

Boxing up items that are not vital for everyday life is another way to get ready for your move. Knowing what you need now and can wait until later to move can save valuable packing time. If you have bookshelves full of books or knick-knacks, you can box them up, label them and know that all that stuff is already packed.

Make sure you label the boxes though because when you get closer to the move date, you might forget what was in the boxes.

3. Pack by Room

As you are packing, you should pack each room separately. Then, you can label them and will know exactly which room they need to be delivered to when the movers are unloading the truck. This will cut down on unpacking time.

4. Sell

As you are purging and packing, you should create a sell pile. You can schedule a yard sale and put everything you think might sell out. This might bring you some needed moving money, whether it is for supplies or for ordering out an extra night or two while you are packing away all your dishes. When you are done with the yard sale, you can add everything that did not sell to the donate pile and have that donation company take that away too.

5. Research Moving Companies

You need to know who you are entrusting with your belongings, from the time they move everything to the truck, to the time they unload everything into your new home. Researching moving companies should include getting free quotes, finding out if they are insured and licensed, and making sure they can meet your needs. You can easily find movers right here on Cheap Movers Detroit!

You might have that expensive piece of artwork that needs special packaging. You need to know ahead of time that the moving company can take care of this for you. If you are moving far, you need to make sure they have the right equipment and are experienced in your type of move.

6. Get Supplies Early

Waiting until the week before you move to try and find packing materials is not wise. Many people think you can go to the local supermarket to get free boxes. This is not always true. Sometimes, you must buy the boxes, and you will certainly have to buy tape. You have to think about other things too, like markers and maybe sticky notes.

Make sure you have all these things well ahead of time, so you will not be stuck running around last minute.

Knowing what to do when you have an upcoming move is important. Make sure you do your research and set yourself up for success. Doing all these things will reduce stress and make the move more enjoyable.

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