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Best Way to Store Outdoor Furniture for the Winter

One of the best ways to relax in your backyard in the warm months is by lounging in a patio chair with your favorite beverage. Patio furniture is a great way to extend your indoor living space into your lawn.  

When temperatures begin to drop in Detroit, it’s time to get your outdoor furniture into hibernation until the spring. These tips from pro moving & storage companies will help you preserve your furniture from the elements, so when it’s time for outdoor lounging again, it will be in perfect shape.  

Clean It  

By the time fall rolls around, your patio furniture has been through a lot. Summer storms, dirt, and insects can have your furniture looking far less than fresh by the end of the season. Before you get your outdoor furniture put away, give it a good clean. Use a mild soap, warm water, and a scrub brush to remove the accumulation of debris.  

Repair It  

The wear and tear of daily use have probably given your patio furniture a few areas that are in need of repair. After you clean it, inspect your furniture for cracks, tears, wobbles and other signs of disrepair. Take time to fix any problems that have cropped up over the months. Most of these repairs are an easy DIY project for a free weekend.  

Refresh It  

If you want your furniture to be in top condition when you bring it out for next season, you can update the pieces. Wooden furniture can be sanded and refinished, metal furniture can be stripped of rust and repainted and fabric furniture can be recovered. Taking the time to refresh your pieces in the fall will allow you to have patio furniture that looks like it just came new from the store in the spring.  

Protect It  

The last thing you should do before you store your outdoor furniture is to add a protective coating to each piece to help it weather the winter. Use a silicone spray on your metal furniture to prevent moisture from rusting the metal. This can be added to bare metal or on top of the paint. For all other hard materials, use a good quality car wax. With a soft cloth, gently buff the wax onto the furniture’s surface. This will add another layer of winter protection to each piece.  

Store Out of Weather  

Near the end of fall, it’s time to put your patio furniture to bed. The way you store it is up to you. If you have a small yard, you may want to neatly stack the furniture and tightly wrap it in a tarp. This will keep it safe from the snow, but still expose it to temperature fluctuations. If you have a shed or garage, this is the best place to keep your patio furniture. It will be out of the wind, snow, and extreme temperatures.  

The harsh outdoor conditions of winter can quickly destroy your favorite outdoor furniture. Follow these tips, and your patio furniture will perform well for many seasons.

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